Touch Tournament

On the 1st of November Room 6,7 and 8 students were chosen to represent our school in the Touch Tournament.The day my teacher Mr Bell told us were playing touch everyone was excited and wanted to participate.Before our big tournament we kept practising our passes and intercepting,it was really hard work because we had to do it our whole break and the room 6 had to do their practising when the year 7 and 8’s were at tech and only 10 from each class could go.The day of the Touch Tournament the 10 people from each class came to school with some of there parents to support and some of the parents came to couch.To make sure everyone was in the teams Mr Bell told us some rules we needed to follow and had to make sure everyone was here.After Mr bell  out the roll and made sure everyone was here we headed down to the gate and made our way to Dunkirk park.

When we were done the field we saw a lot of schools such as Pt England,Glen Innes,Tamaki Primary and other schools that came late.Once we were on the field we set up our mat and put our bags and started our way on stretching and practising our passes.When it hit 9:30 or 20 that when the year 5 and 6’s girls game against Sylvia park school.We were cheering and shouting for our year 5 and 6’s girls because they were doing good.Then we went back to practise then it was our game againsted Glen Innes (i think so). I was so scared and happy at the same time to play because I was practising a lot so i really hoped me or one of my team mates scored a try or at least won.Once we picked our 6 people to on the field they got organised and went on the field.My team was doing very good and at the end we ended up winning.Our team was so happy and assumed we will win on our other game.

When it was around 11 or 10:30 we went to our 2 game which was against Tamaki Primary and again our team chose our 6 people to be on the field and our subs.When our team was all organised us subs was watching and cheering and through the end thats when we scored our first try and the others way ahead of us so had to catch up.When our time was over to play we head over to shake the opposite teams hand and congratulated them for winning.When we were finished we walked back to the mat and everybody were still playing their game so we decided to watch them and support.When it came to our last game which was against  Glenbrae. Glenbrae was so hard to beat because there always winning by us.I really hoped we won’t be tired on the field and at least win another game.


Our game against Glenbrae was one of the hardest game ive ever played because they scored more tries then us,they had 5 or 6 tries and we had 0.It was half time and i knew we were gonna lose,and we did.My team were upset but happy that we at least get to represent our school! So we were so excited that day because some people didn’t get to play in the Touch Tournament.After our last game we went back to our mat and watched the other teams then some of the parents took there kids with them and the rest had to walk to school to wait for their parents.I really enjoyed representing and playing for my school.

Story About Mary

The story about Mary is about when she met the Angel Gabriel.Mary was nervous when she saw the Angel,and the Angel Gabriel said “do not be afraid,your gonna get a baby and you will name him Jesus.”Mary was 14 at that time and she was very scared because the Angel Gabriel came out of no where!

Stone Cottage


The stone cottage is important to our community because it’s the only stone cottage located in panmure. The Stone cottage is a small museum that has heaps of owners and tenants.The stone cottage holds items from the olden days.The building was around 1854-1857 and is relocated from mt wellington to its belonging site in kings road panmure.


On 18th of October the whole of room 7 went to the stone cottage to have a look and find interesting stuff from the olden days.When we got the stone cottage me and my friend joyla were in charge of the camera so we could take pictures inside the cottage.Their was 2 people named Patrick and a women (I can’t remember her name) introduce themselves to us and tells us interesting facts about the cottage.We went inside the cottage and it was really small but managed to fit everyone in.First room we went was the living room (i actually have no idea what room we went in first).


The lady gave and told us facts about what they were using a long time ago.The living room was really small that we had to squish everyone in. We went to one of the rooms and it looked interesting because they had stuff that we don’t have right now. It kinda smells like old people because it was built a long time ago and was built somewhere else but it got reverted to its proper place now.Now time for  us to go to the kitchen.It was bigger than the rooms,and even bigger than the stairs we were gonna go to next.The lady showed us around the kitchen and what they liked to eat and cook,it was really cool and fun to learn interesting things we never knew.


After wandering around and taking photos of the kitchen we separated into groups and went upstairs to have a look at the 2 rooms.We walked in one of the rooms and it had heaps of interesting things and Patrick showed us around and told us facts about it and how it worked a long time ago.We went to the next room and the second group had to go to the room that we just went to.The next room had a bed with a doll (i think) but the room was really tiny and it was really cool to look at.After we explored the small tiny room we went down stairs and went back to school,We really had fun in the stone cottage and looking at all the cool things in it.

Rippa Rugby Tournament

On the 29th of August Room 7 and 8 had an opportunity to play rippa rugby and get to play against other schools. 


In the morning room 7 and 8 organised our stuff and walked to  Dunkirk with other students,teachers and parents/siblings. When we got to Dunkirk we went to sit down and get ready for our first game at 10:20 and practise our passing,catching,trying not to get our tags ripped by other opponents,and trying not to fend. When it was 10:20 St Patricks 2 headed onto field 8 and picked our starting 7.


 When we got onto the field,we found out we were playing against Glen Innes school. At first I thought we were going to lose because there were some big kids in Glen Innes school and some looked faster than us, but we ended up winning in the end. We were so happy and especially St Patricks 1 won against Glenbrae.


Everyone was really happy and we kept practising our skills for our next game versus Glenbrae 1.We were all tired and exhausted from our first game,we were all not ready for our second one in 3 minutes.When we were finished warming up,us St Patricks 2 and Glenbrae 1 where getting organised our starting 7’s again and headed onto the field and i was one of them.I was really hoping I was gonna score a try because I was running with the ball, I didn’t because the other team was fast.We managed to get a try and won again by 7 to 3 (i think) .


Our third game was against Stonefield. Stonefield was really good at rippa and for a second we were almost closed to losing and not going to the finals.We end up winning at the end and made it to the finals but not st patricks 1 because they only won 2 games.We made it second place and Glenbrae 2 was first so that means we were versing them in the finals.All of the Glenbrae and St Patrick’s students where cheering and watching us play.

I was one of the starting 7’s and I was really tired out,i subbed out after a little while on the field,I was watching and cheering with everyone else and hoping we will was 5 or 10 minutes until our game was over and both teams were tied and we kept subbing in and out everytime one of our teammates were tired.


We were so exhausted and tired from running that glenbrae 2 was catching up and being closed to winning.At the end we ended up losing.We were all hoping we will win but we didn’t but we were still happy for Glenbrae and happy we still went to the finals and came 2nd,I really enjoyed playing rippa rugby and getting to know other people from other schools.




Swimming Lessons

Why Is Taking Swimming Lessons Important?


Taking swimming lessons are important because it saves so many people that cannot swim,it can save their lives if they’d drown.It can also help us when were lost in the middle of the sea and we don’t have any life jackets or don’t know how to swim,they can take swimming lessons to learn how to swim and next time their stuck in the middle of the ocean and  know what to do so they can save themselves from dying and drowning if the sea is either deep or not and don’t know how to swim.


When Did We Start Swimming?


On August the first,St Patrick’s school got an opportunity to participate in swimming lessons in swim magic.After morning tea the boys and the girls had to separate classes and get changed into our togs.When the boys finished changing and went to swimming at 12:45,the girls had to wait until the juniors arrive to school so the girls can go on the bus to swim magic.When the Juniors finish their swim it was time for the girls turn to have a swim.When we arrived we had to wait for the boys to finish having free time before they head back to school.When the boys finished their swimming it was the girls turn to take swimming lessons.When we went to our lanes,our instructors introduced herself to us and our instructor name was izzy.When she finish introducing,she showed us how to do mermaid,backstokes and other swimming positions.When we finished we hoped out of the pool and went back to school on a bus and changed into our school uniform.I really enjoyed swimming and enjoy learning new things from swimming.


NZ Animal Adaptations


How have kiwis have adapted over time?

Well they include their whiskers on the base of their beaks.Most kiwis are nocturnals navigation,their nostirls at the end of their beak helps them find food as they have poor eyesight.


The kereru is important in the seed of spreading large native berries in the forest an the trees.The kereru has the widest become out of all the native birds in NZ.They are one of the few birds that provide produce crop milk.


Tui’s are once of the native birds that have been able to adapt over time and accomplish an enviroment greatly changed by humans.Its their ability to help a lot of young,along with their whole food plant base of insects.


Tsunamis are giant waves caused by earthquakes or volcanic eruptions under the sea.Tsunami last until five minutes to two hours,and It’s over 1,700-foot waves which was the largest ever recorded for a tsunami.The first wave of a tsunami is usually not the strongest,bur successive waves get bigger and stronger.


Tsunami’s are rare,they usually happen around twice a year,but they can have devastating effects.A Lot of houses can be destroyed by powerful waves.It can also destroy crops,roads,bridges,and airports,It can all be swept away!.


In the deep ocean,tsunamis can barely be noticed but can move fast as a jet plane,over 500 mph.A tsunami may be less than a foot (30 centimetres)in height on the surface of the open ocean.

How To Make My Favourite Meal

My Fav Meal:Scrambled Eggs

  • Crack the eggs into a bowl.
  • Add a tiny pinch of salt and pepper.
  • then use a fork to beat them together.
  • Put a medium saucepan over a low heat,then add your butter.
  • Leave the butter to melt until the butter looks bubbley.
  • then add some milk (if you want) into the bowl.
  • then stir the eggs,salt & pepper,and milk altogether well,and pour into the saucepan.
  • Wait until your egg mixture looks dry and all mixed up then put it on a bowl or a plate and eat!.

Trapped In The Random Lakehouse – SSW

I was walking around the path until I saw a small creepy house in the middle of a lake.I went to have a look but i was too scared because there was something going on with the house/treehouse.While i was walking near the house I heard a knock behind me.I wanted to check it out but it was dark that time,when i opened the door I saw heaps of dirty and old dusty stuff on a shelf and on the floor.


When I went to have a look there was a noise coming from behind me.I was really scared because there was no food or water or nobody to protect me,I wanted to run home but it was dark so I had no choice but to stay here and sleep on the floor.It was the next day and i was disgusted with all the spiders and the dusty stuff all over the roof,It was really bad.


While I was walking out to the door I couldn’t open,I couldn’t find any entry but the front door.I was very scared someone might come and eat me, kidnap me or KILL ME!!!!.I was trying to find something too open,I checked around the draws,under the shelfs,and under the tables but I couldn’t find anything and it was already noon.


I was very frustrated and scared. I had nowhere to escape and the only thing I could escape from was the window and the front door.I tried to climb out the window but the windows were too small.I was so mad i couldn’t get help,every night i would shout for help and cried every night i was hungry and thirsty.


It was the third day and I still couldn’t find anywhere to escape.I haven’t had dinner and my stomach was rumbling so much that i almost puked on the floor.It was almost night and still haven’t found the keys to open the door,While i was searching I heard a knock behind me.I was so scared i quickly look back but there was nothing behind me,so i went to check out the window but I couldn’t see because it was too dark outside.


It was already midnight and dark so I went to sleep and waited until the morning.It was another day in the Abandon lakehouse and I still had no escape but I heard a knock on the door so I decided to open it.I checked out side and i saw my dad,he had a big smile he told me he forgot his car keys because he was gone for a vacation for 5 days but finally he came back,but i didn’t know it was him so i ran back home to my mum and saw my mum and my little brother.They told me how worried they were tried to find me for along time,but now I am here I am happy back with my family.I didn’t know where my Dad went next but all I wanted was to be back with my Mum and my brother.

The End.