Sundays Jubilee

On Sunday 19th of March we had a Jubilee.The first thing we did in the morning is we had mass,and it was so crowded with students and parents,and there was a Tongan community that sang to us,they sound like angels.We also had a Samoan,Aotearoa,and a Tagalog Group that also joined us.

After mass we all headed to the hall and were ready to perform.We performed 3 songs which were Karanga E, Mo Marie,and the Irish blessing which was really fun. After we performed we had a culture dance and we had Tagalog first. One of the girls (Frances) in St Patrick’s school performed a beautiful song. I was so proud of her. Then we had the Tongan and Samoan dance.When they finished their dance they had a feed. I missed out on everything because I had to go home early but I really enjoyed Sunday.

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